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One of the dilemmas for organizations like yours is funding opportunities. You can either obtain new donors or increase the amount donated by your current donors. As with retail business models, one would think it is easier to have attractive programs for current donors. Our program will be easy for businesses to understand because they are currently using a service like ours; making it attractive to current donors, as well as, prospective new donors. Our program will allow them to donate back to your organization without actually having to write a check or debit their bank account in any way.

Most businesses accept credit cards for payment. From our experience, most business owners do not understand the complexities of credit card processing. Most of the business owners we visit with are confused or simply do not understand the fees they are paying; usually paying 25-50% more in fees than they should.

We would like to offer our expertise and help to businesses that are currently or eventually will be working with your organization. We guarantee that we will match or beat their current rates. Additionally, we would like to donate part of the proceeds from these accounts back to your organization on a monthly residual basis.

This gives your organization a revenue stream that can be anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars a year per business.

If you are a charity, simply fill out the form below to participate in this incredible program and someone will contact you shortly.

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